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Your donations go to our core program: training dogs and clients to create life-saving partnerships! Our small paid staff and tribe of volunteers do everything they can to maximize the impact of your donations. To help D4D fulfill its mission to empower, transform, and save lives in the diabetic community, please support us!

A big thank you and lots of tail wags to each and every donor! Your donations, large and small, contribute to our life-saving programs.

Other Ways to Give

  • The United Way’s Combined Federal Campaign: Give to D4D through the largest and most successful workplace giving campaign in the world.
  • eScrip: Use eScrip to shop online and donate your points to D4D!
  • Recycle Cans for Canines: Contact us to schedule drop-off of your clean and sorted recyclables!
  • Save Pennies for Puppies: Pick up a D4D savings bank to collect loose change at your home, work, or school.
  • Donate your Car, Truck, Boat, RV or Motorcycle: Please designate us as your charity of choice when you gift your unneeded vehicle and receive a tax deduction!
  • Spearhead your own D4D Fundraiser: Our dedicated community loves supporting us in local events and campaigns. Please contact D4D to collaborate!

Send us a check at:

Dogs for Diabetics, Inc.
1647 Willow Pass Road, #157
Concord, CA 94520-2611

Our dogs are alerting to changes in blood sugar and saving lives, at no cost to our clients.

  • 100% of insulin-dependent diabetics have hypoglycemic episodes.
  • 55% of hypoglycemia episodes occur at night with most diabetics not waking up to the episode.