Canine Training Partners

At D4D, we lovingly refer to our fosters as “Canine Training Partners (CTPs)” because these essential volunteers are helping us train dogs to create partnerships that save lives. After a day of training at the Nylabone Center, our dogs are welcomed into the caring homes of our CTPs to ensure that our dogs receive the happiest, healthiest, and most social life possible.

We accept dogs into our training program based on the number of CTP homes available. So these generous individuals are directly helping us save lives in the diabetic community, as we’re able to train more dogs and serve more clients with CTPs! No experience necessary.

Benefits of our CTP Program

  • Receive dog training from the best! Our CTPs attend regular trainings for obedience and socialization techniques. It’s fun learning to bond with our dogs and teaching them the skills they’ll need in their life-saving partnerships. CTPS may also already have a well-behaved pet, who can benefit from the trainings and having a temporary roommate.
  • The love of a dog and the D4D community! Our sweet and snuggly dogs provide adventure, laughs, and fun to those in their care. And when you become a CTP, you join a big, warm community that is helping diabetics thrive.


  • Live close to Concord, CA. You’ll be attending our fun and educational trainings with the dog in your care. You’ll also be driving the dog to and from our training center at least four times a week.
  • Live in a smoke-free environment. A dog’s sense of smell is greatly reduced by smoke.
  • Live in a non-diabetic home. Since these dogs are being scent-trained, the smells from a diabetic could confuse them and affect their chances to save lives.
  • Physically able and willing to handle a large dog. We welcome CTPs who have absolutely no experience training dogs, because we’ll help as long as you’re able and willing. D4D also provides food, vet care, medications, equipment and even dog toys! So you can focus on training, playing and socializing.
  • Ready to have some fun? Get ready for the best temporary roommate ever. Dogs will need your foster care for 4-6 months as they train to save lives.


  1. Application: Fill out an application today!
  2. Interview: Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll invite you in for an interview.
  3. Home-visit: Helping you get set up in your home to make a welcome space and easy transition for our dog.

Just want to talk to someone about our Canine Training Partners program? Email or visit us on Tour Thursdays to learn more about our program, meet some of the staff, and visit with the dogs.