DOB: 7/25/2017
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs for the Blind
Training Phase: C
Scent Training Phase: 8
Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Sweet little Valentina is the smallest Labrador D4D has had in their training, weighing in at only 41lbs of pure energy and joy. Her sister, Valhalla, has recently joined her as buddy-in-training.

Valentina’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Valentina’s Updates

Status Update      5/6/2019

Valentina has entered into a trail placement with her client. Now, Team Valentina will work hard to meet graduation requirements.

Status Update      4/10/2019

Valentina has entered into her final testing phases!!

Status Update       3/27/2019

Valentina has now started pairing picking up her bringsel when she finds the hypoglycemic scent. Way to go girl!

Status Update

Valentina has recently passed her bringsel test! Great work, Valentina! She is also kicking tail in her bucket training.

Status Update

Valentina has been improving her scent skills and holding the dumbbell without any assistance from the D4D Trainers. Way to go, Valentina!

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