DOB: 12/16/16
Breed: Hound Mix
Career-Changed from:
Training Phase: A
Scent Training Phase: 1
Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Ruby is a beautiful little red hound mix. She's smart, eager, and enjoys learning new skills. Wherever "her" person is, you're sure to find her close by their side.

Ruby’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Ruby’s Updates

I love these games....
Welcome Ruby....

Training Status Update: 11/18/20

Ruby has been working on problem solving food puzzles at home, and she began scent training at the training center where she is learning to identify the low diabetic scent.






Training Status Update: 10/30/20

We are currently acclimating Ruby to the training center and teaching her the cues and behaviors we need in order to begin her scent training. Welcome Ruby, we are so excited to have you in the family.




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