DOB: 8/19/2019
Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Career-Changed from: Calpaws K9 Rescue
Training Phase: A

Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Ranger is a German Shepard/Border Collie mix that is as cool as they come. We love this handsome, laid back guy.

Ranger’s Journey

Being Puppy Raised

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Ranger’s Updates

loving the retired life and LOOK.... I have a sister to play with.
We wish you the best buddy!
Looking good buddy....
you got this buddy....

 Status Update 9/2/2020

Ranger Update! …. We have had a bittersweet parting with this sweet boy…
Ranger developed a medical condition that no longer allowed him to continue his training as a service dog. The condition is treated well with medication, and he is predicted to live a long and healthy life. He has now moved across the country to live in Maine with a family where he gets to romp through the woods, swim in the lake, play with his new sister, and lie at the feet of his new family every day.
We sure do miss you, Ranger, but our hearts are full knowing you have such a loving home!

 “Fun” Status Update 4/20/2020

Our CTP’s are the best, even during these troubled times, they are training, playing and keeping our dogs stimulated and happy. 


 Training Status Update 4/7/2020

 Even though we are not at the training facility everyday we ARE still training….. and having fun!

 Training Status Update 3/11/2020

What are your rules for greeting people? Ranger has two scenarios where he can greet other people. The first is that he must remain in a sit in heel position with his attention on me as a person approaches and pets him. This teaches him self-control and prepares him for drive-by petting that may occur when out in public. The other scenario is that he is allowed to greet with permission. He must maintain a heel position, and only when I release him, can he go and greet the person. When he greets, he must keep all 4 paws on the ground, not be whining or mouthing, and not crotch sniff (something we’re working on right now). If any of these happen, the greeting stops. He must also easily recall back to me when I ask him to. It’s important for him to have these rules, because he will encounter all types of people – people who are afraid, people who aren’t as stable on their feet, little children, etc. – and we want to teach him how to greet everyone safely.

 “Fun”Status Update 2/24/2020

As Ranger has gotten into the routine of training, his mental stamina has been increasing. A training session used to be a couple of repetitions of one behavior, and then he would be tired and give up. I had to be his cheerleader all of the time – “let’s go, buddy! You can do it! Pick up the pace.” That also meant I kept training sessions short and sweet to match his mental stamina.

 “Fun”Status Update 1/28/2020

Ranger and his Canine Training Partner had a fantastic time learning all about the great outdoors in Big Sur!

 Training Status Update 1/21/2020

Ranger and his Canine Training Partner are working on basic obedience, calm behavior, and to follow leash pressure.
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