DOB: 11/23/2016
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Guide Dogs for the Blind
Training Phase: C
Scent Training Phase: 8
Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Gabriel is a large goofy black Labrador retriever who likes to greet his person each morning with a smile on his face and a toy in his mouth. This guy is happiest with a toy in his mouth, but loves to snuggle with his person on the floor or lounge in the sun together.

Gabriel’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Gabriel’s Updates

Status Update 5/6/2019

Gabriel has entered into a trail placement with a client and now Team Gabriel is working on meeting graduation requirements.

Status Update 4/24/2019

Gabriel is rocking his training and is now moving on to final testing! Go Gabriel!

Status Update 4/9/2019

Gabriel has passed his bringsel test and is now learning to pick up his bringsel when he finds the hypoglycemic scent.

Status Update

Gabriel is almost done with his bringsel training and he has just started to discriminate between scents in bucket training.

Status Update

Gabriel is a champ… he has started dumbbell training as well as scent training and making great progress. Way to go buddy!

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