DOB: 8/28/2019
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Career-Changed from: Golden Gate Lab Rescue
Training Phase: A

Learn about our training phases and scent training phases.

Fun Facts:

Cassie is a silver Labrador Retriever who is full of spunk!

Cassie’s Journey

Active Training

Placement with Client

Ready for Graduation

Working Life-Saver

Cassie’s Updates

smile Cassie smile....
Hiking and spending time with the people I love?..... what could be better!
being outside makes me smile.....
my best friend...:)
no bad luck here, only lots of great training...
Handling your dog and having a little fun (as long as it's positive) can happen anywhere
Good girl Cassie, that is just for humans, even if your don't like the TV show they are watching....
Look at me..... dance dance
great engagement and focus Cassie.... go girl go!
look at my self control.... rock star Cassie
look at me being a good girl
Enjoying the great outdoors!

Training Status Update 9/17/20

Cassie is learning how to detect a certain scent by working on “bucket training” video attached





“Fun” Status Update 9/9/20

Cassie loves to play and as you can see she LOVES to smile.






Training Status Update 9/9/20

The recall skill as well as self control are a very important part of our dogs training. In the video (right) Cassie is learning to “come” when called but also retrieve something and then nicely let go of it…

go Cassie go




Training Status Update 7/10/20

Cassie had a nice break from training and enjoyed the weekend in Lake Tahoe with her Canine Training Partner over the 4th of July. Cassie experienced hiking, camping, swimming and being around several other dogs.  It was discovered that she LOVES swimming! All of these experiences are an important part of her overall socialization as a service dog in training.



“Fun”Status Update 5/18/20

Cassie went for a hike with her CTP family and always enjoys herself…. getting some fresh air & exploring new places is the best thing for our training dogs.





“Fun”Status Update 5/2/20

Strange bedfellows?…. not at all, BEST FRIENDS….

“Fun”Status Update 4/30/20

With the “shelter-in-place”, you have to be creative; when the ladder was pulled out during cleaning, it provided the perfect opportunity to practice a known skill in a slightly different setting. Keep up the great work, Cassie! 💙

Training Status Update 4/17/20

Although our dogs are not coming into the training center everyday, thanks to our wonderful CTP’s they are still learning and having fun.

“Fun” Status Update 4/14/20

Training (having fun) can happen anywhere at anytime….keep switching it up!

Training Status Update 4/9/20

Set ups are great way to teach a dog a good behavior vs. a “bad” behavior…. here Stephanie has worked with Cassie on the “remote” not being an appropriate  chew toy!

Training Status Update 4/9/20

The CTPs learned how to teach their foster dogs tricks last week to help keep the dogs mind engaged and entertained during the Shelter in Place. Here is Cassie & Stephanie, great example of how to keep your dog stimulated during these strange times.

Training Status Update 4/7/20

Even though we are not at the training facility everyday we are still training and having FUN…

“Fun” Status Update 3/19/20

Cassie doing some socialization in the arcade. What a good girl!

Training Status Update 3/16/20

Cassie on a Canine Training Outing being exposed to the Amtrak train. A positive association is created by giving Cassie a food reward as she sits calmly as the train pulls out of the station.  Good girl!

Training Status Update 3/1/2020

Cassie has been hard at work learning to ignore birds. Before working on this distraction, a lot of time was spent on building Cassie’s engagement and self control. The first step was to get Cassie to sit still in the presence of birds and not attempt to chase them.  After several exposures to birds this month, the next step was to get her to ignore the birds completely and stay engaged with her Canine Training Partner.  This spunky, sweet and petite Silver Lab is making great progress!

Training Status Update 2/12/2020

Cassie spent time in many restaurants to learn appropriate public behavior. She is learning to stay down under the table or chair and not eat things off the ground. Cassie is highly intelligent and learns behaviors and expectations quickly.

“Fun” Status Update 2/4/2020

The one and only Mary Hooker (Yellow Neener Photography) took some great shots of our new little Miss Cassie…. check out this beauty’s glamour shots!

“Fun”Status Update 1/30/2020

Exploring the outdoors is always more fun with a friend!

“Fun”Status Update 1/28/2020

Cassie is such a fun girl! She loves hanging out and playing with her Canine Training Partner.

Training Status Update 1/21/2020

Cassie loves to learn!  Her Canine Training Partner is working on calm behavior (no mouthing or jumping on furniture or people).  Cassie is a fast learner, and she has made significant progress this week. She has also learned how to properly play Tug Engagement.  She has learned the “that’s enough” command which is a cue that means Cassie needs to release the tug toy.  She has also started playing collar response games, which teaches Cassie to follow leash pressure.  Cassie’s Canine Training Partner is very impressed and pleased with her training progress on week one.
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