Dogs4Diabetics New Home Building Updates

New Home Location: 1300 Willow Pass Court, Concord, CA 94521

Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) is getting a new home. We will be moving in after our public open house which is currently scheduled for Saturday, September 16th. Save the date and follow our event calendar for further details. 

This means so much more to us than a new building. It’s an opportunity to expand our current programs, enhance our outreach, and better serve our clients across a larger geographic area. It means we can save, empower, and transform more lives than ever before. It means we can say “yes” to more diabetic children and adults in need of our services. This new home represents inspiration, hope, change, and a lasting positive impact in the diabetic community. 

Follow the progress and construction updates below…

Did You Know? 

  • D4D’s current space is 1,500 sq ft. The new center will be 5,500 sq ft.
  • The current capacity for dogs-in-training is 12. The new space will hold 18 to 24 dogs.
  • The new space will initially include 5 separate areas to simultaneously work with 5 dogs without distractions.
  • The new space will be able to address multiple simultaneous meetings or conferences.
  • We will be able to hold events with 100+ people at a time.
  • We will have a fenced outdoor area for dogs and activities.
  • Volunteers will have areas to complete projects, introduce dogs and training programs to visitors.
  • We will initially have 2 bathrooms with a 3rd potentially available upstairs in the expansion area.

Update: September 17th, 2017 

Did you miss our Open House on Saturday, September 16th and the BIG, EXCITING, TOTALLY AWESOME, GAME CHANGING NEWS!?

Dogs4Diabetics (D4D) and Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) have teamed up to create a powerful partnership! D4D will train ARF rescue dogs to become life-saving Medical-Alert Assistance Dogs. We are giving rescue dogs a new “leash” on life… truly homeless to hero stories now made possible. How incredibly awesome is that!? More to come on this exciting news… stay tuned!

In addition to releasing this spectacular news we had the honor of sharing our new home will also be named the #Dogs4Diabetics Nylabone Training Center, to continue honoring one of our wonderful partnerships with Central Garden and Pet.

We had an amazing Open House with many very special guests… like the Greater Concord CA Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor of Concord – Laura M. Hoffmeister, our fantastic community/corporate sponsors Guide Dogs for the Blind, Central Garden and Pet, Worldwise, ARF, Mercedes-Benz of Walnut Creek, and not to mention our wonderful friends, supporters, clients, volunteers, and Foster Care Providers.

It was the perfect day… we couldn’t be more thrilled with the turn-out and support of our new home, which will allow us to make a greater impact on those we serve. A huge thanks to all involved for helping make this next chapter in D4D’s future possible. Thank you!


Update: July 26th, 2017

Kibble From The Corner Office – by Ralph Hendrix, Executive Director

As I came into the office this morning, I saw the Scavanger’s truck parked at the new D4D Training Center. They are a local do-all company that our builder uses for final clean-up on their job sites. As I write this we have a crew cleaning floors, windows, cabinets, and putting the shine on our new home.

The job foreman indicated there are still a few final items needing to be fixed and finished, but he was getting ready for the final inspection by the county. This initial cleaning was one of the final steps. The new building is amazing!

After it is approved for occupancy it will take an additional two to three months to set it up for our use. There will be a variety of improvements that will be made after we take possession. Just like buying a new home, it takes time to get all the services installed and in the case of a business operation it is somewhat more complex. We need to install all our communications systems, phone lines, internet service, computer hook ups, appliances, etc. In D4D’s case, we will need to install the dog wash in the grooming and scent prep room as well. Then we will need to move in everything else we need to fulfill our mission. We anticipate we will be making a variety of improvements to the facility as we obtain the resources over the next year or more. D4D is fortunate to have some great people and organizations stepping up to help. We have already received offers of furniture and fixture donations.

We are planning a Public Open House for Saturday, September 16. Put the date on your calendar and join us for a fun day at our new training center. Not all will be complete, but we hope that it will provide everyone a taste of D4D’s future! Until then, we are keeping the training center under wraps as we move to get it ready!

Update: May 17th, 2017

Things are movin’ and shakin’ at D4D’s new home… we have drywall, paint and lighting done! Next week we’re getting floors… yeah buddy! We are so excited with the progress of our new home and can’t wait to get moved in and serving the larger diabetic community.

Update: April 14th, 2017

D4D’s new home is taking shape… we’ve got drywall going up! Watch out because after that it’s paint, flooring, and furniture… we can’t wait to move in and get busy serving the larger diabetic community!

Update: February 28th, 2017 

We’re so excited to share… our new home is coming along and making some serious progress! The electrical, plumbing, A/C and sprinkler system is nearly complete. Next step… dry wall baby! Before you know it our new home will be done and ready for move in – yipeee!

This new home means so much more to us than a new building. It’s an opportunity to expand our current program, enhance our outreach, and better serve our clients across a larger geographic area. Stay tuned for more exciting updates…