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Dogs4Diabetics, also known as the Armstrong Project, named after the dog who inspired our program, is a non-profit charitable organization of dedicated volunteers who are training quality medical alert dogs for diabetic youth and adults. The organization was established in 2004 and serves type 1 diabetics in the western United States. OUR DOGS SAVE LIVES!



How YOU Can Help Dogs4Diabetics
Dogs4Diabetics will continue to strive towards touching the entirety of the diabetic community. Our passion and dedication would be lost without your private donations. Every single contribution, whether it is financial, volunteering time, or donating necessary dog supplies, puts a deserving diabetic and a hardworking dog one step closer to a successful partnership. With continued growth in applicants and dogs, the need for additional training staff is urgent. Dogs4Diabetics is currently looking for donation assistance in the following areas:

- Financial contributions and grants. Click here to make a immediate financial donation to D4D now.

- Corporate sponsorship. D4D is capable of bringing the uniquely special bond between a diabetic and a dog to many different commercial mediums. Read our grant overview and contact us to begin a wonderful new relationship.

- Bequests. Contact our leadership team to discuss bequests and the options therein. Contact us to establish this conversation.

- Fundraising Events. Our staff not only loves dogs but also loves to share their companionship and talents. If you have an upcoming event that would benefit you by having working teams participate, write to us for further details.

Donate to Dogs4Diabetics Now!

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THANK YOU to each and every donor. Your donations, large and small, contribute to the success of our program. Our dogs save lives!

 For more information regarding Dogs4Diabetics and The Armstrong Project, please contact us at:
  Dogs4Diabetics, Inc.
  1647 Willow Pass Road, #157 Concord, California 94520-2611
  (925) 246-5785 |