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About Dogs4Diabetics

Dogs4Diabetics, Inc. began almost seven years ago, when its founder began researching the possibility of training dogs to detect type 1 diabetes-related hypoglycemia and physically alert the diabetic to the impending hypoglycemia.

In October 2003, a dog named Armstrong was obtained from Guide Dogs for the Blind and his scent and alert training was started. Armstrong enjoyed his new job and was soon alerting on diabetic-related hypoglycemia.

In October 2004, Dogs For Diabetics, Inc. was formally incorporated in the State of California and applied for nonprofit status. The IRS granted 501(c) nonprofit status in early 2005.

Today, our dogs are obtained primarily from Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California and retrained for diabetic alert work. We also recieve dogs donated by Canine Companions for Independence, Santa Rosa, California and other organizations.

When we receive our dogs for diabetic alert training, they've already been professionally trained and socialized as assistance dogs from the time they are eight weeks old.

All of our dogs reside in local foster care homes. Foster care providers bring the dogs to Dogs4Diabetics each day for training. In the evening, our foster care providers socialize the dogs in the local community.

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