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Dogs for Diabetics is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of all insulin-dependent diabetics, empowering individuals, children and families to achieve lifelong successes with their disease. To fulfill this mission, Dogs4Diabetics provides quality medical alert dogs to insulin-dependent diabetics through programs of training, placement, and follow-up services. Dogs4Diabetics strives to set high standards for medical alert service and to be recognized as a organization of dedication, integrity, and service. The organization is a fully accredited member of Assistance Dogs International.

Dogs4Diabetics assistance dogs have been specifically trained to identify, and more importantly, act upon the subtle scent changes that hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) creates in body chemistry—changes undetectable to their human companions. These dogs play a critical role for their partners in their diabetes management.

This non-profit organization was established and operates to do the following:

  • Train and certify its dogs for hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) medical alert.
  • Study and develop training protocols for the Dogs4Diabetics program.
  • Qualify children and adults with diabetes for placement and service of its dogs.
  • Train diabetic children and adults for the proper use and care of its dogs.
  • Conduct placement follow-up services of clients with their diabetic alert dogs..
  • Educate businesses, organizations and the public to the uses and rights of certified Dogs4Diabetics medical alert dogs.

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